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A ‘Green’ Companies Blog

Ah hem..  *clears throat*

Welcome to my little blog which will highlight real-world stories on “Going Green” in the ever resistant New York City.

I would like to introduce myself.  Through my education and experience I am a designer, contractor, scientist and engineer; all with a strong focus on the ‘environment’ because of where I am from… A native New Yorker from the Southern end of Queens… by the beach.

Yes, we have beaches here in “the city”.  My beach, in my lifetime, has normally looked like the way the U.S. Gulf looks now.  A fact that, along with the toxic stench of low tide and the cancer cluster I live in, has affected my entire life.  Here the gossip is about who has developed asthma, a thyroid disease, cancer, etc.  Environmental issues are not what we read about, we live them.

As a disclaimer I would like to add that I believe in hard work, self sufficiency, education, and working together in our communities to solve problems instead of looking to some outside force to ‘solve them for us’.  I would like to think that I am a combination survivalist, evolutionist and realist but never an extremist in any area.

Thank you for visiting!